Total Golf Trainer 2.0 Kit – Golf Training Aid


The TGT 2.0 is adjustable to fit all golfers and used by right or left handed players. Designed to reinforce proper fundamental and help all golfers learn to control the body and club for a dynamic, powerful and repeatable golf swing.

  • Flat lead wrist
  • Proper wrist hinge
  • Correct hip turn and rotation
  • Sequence the downswing

This Kit includes the TGT Arm & TGT Hip. Increase distance & improve accuracy, stop the slice and hooks & fix flipping and scooping at impact.The feedback is instant. Feel what is real with the most effective golf training devices on the market. The TGT 2.0 Kit Value Pack includes the TGT Arm & TGT Hip. The Most Versatile Golf Training Device The Total Golf Trainer 2.0 is a combination of the Total Golf Trainer Arm that has lead and trail wrist settings to cure your slice or hook and fix flipping and scooping at impact. The feedback is instant. You need correct feedback to accelerate the learning process. The Total Golf Trainer Arm teaches proper fundamentals to hit your chip shots closer to the hole. Learn to control your distance and length of swing to dialing in your wedge game. Feel correct wrist position through out your full swing. The Total Golf Trainer Hip is design to fit over your belt, pants, with lead and trail hip settings that provide instant feedback for training the hips. The correct hip movement in the golf swing is essential is creating a powerful, consistent golf swing. The Total Golf Trainer Hip teaches proper takeaway, feeling a powerful load at the top of your swing. Learn to sequence the downswing for a dynamic impact. Feel proper hip rotation through the ball increasing your speed and distance. The Total Golf Trainer 2.o has what you need to Learn your Process, Own your Swing.


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