MW8 Moon Wood – Premium Golf Club


How Often Do You Hit the Green With Any Club Longer Than a 6-Iron?

The First Club that Blends the Best of Mid-Irons, Hybrids and Woods to Help You Launch High, Accurate, Green-Holding Shots from Long Distance
The typical mid- to high-handicapper loses more strokes between 151 – 175 yards than any other distance (think your 4-iron). If you struggle from this distance too, put an MW8 Moon Wood in your bag, and you can cut strokes fast.

It’s NOT an iron • It’s NOT a hybrid • It’s NOT a fairway wood • It’s a perfect combination of all three.

With the MW8, you can launch long-range approach shots that:

Get up quickly off the turf (no need to worry about just getting the ball airborne)
Carry much higher than your mid-irons, hybrids or fairway woods (so you’ll fly hazards instead of trying to bounce the ball around them)
Drop sharply and stop in a hurry (for more greens in regulation and less reliance on your short game)
Seek the target with uncanny accuracy (even when you don’t catch the ball flush)
Deliver more consistency than you ever thought possible (turning a terminal weakness into a surprising strength – and a big advantage over your peers)

Built-In Forward Shaft Lean


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