KINGTOP Golf Swing Training Aids Combo


Arm Band, Elbow Correction, Wrist Hinge Trainer, Wrist Brace Band, Leg Rod Corrector, Improve Your Golf Game to The Next Level

  • Arm Band- Keep your arms and body in sync by wearing KIGNTOP Golf training armband and keep back elbow close to the body during swing.
  • Elbow Correction- With the Built-in alarm device, will give you an instant Tik-Tok sound feedback if you bend down your elbow when swings golf; Keeps lead arm fully EXTENDED and increased the width of your swing arc.
  • Wrist Hinge- Promotes the proper wrist hinge at the top of the backswing, and a powerful lag position on the downswing.
  • Wrist Brace Band- help you create club lag in your golf swing and experience flat wrist through the impact, improve your chipping, pitching, and fix golf swing slice and full swing path.
  • Leg Rod Corrector- Give immediate feedback when the right knee moves forward to the target prematurely in the initial lower swing, let your right hip rotate while keeping your right knee in the proper “bend and fixed” position and also maintain an appropriate distance between the left and right knees.

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