Junior Soft Sheep Leather Breathable Lycra Golf Gloves



  • PAIR OF GLOVES: While some companies only offer a right-handed glove or a left-handed glove when it comes to golf accessories, we offer a complete set. we know that young juniors need to work on their technique and might need extra protection for their tender skin when hitting golf balls. Our gloves are perfect for young amateur golfers!
  • UNISEX PATTERN: These golfing gloves are great for both girls and boys. The gloves feature a lovely print with pineapple. The colors and designs are gender-neutral, so you can get these gloves for your boys and girls. These gloves will look great with any golfing outfit!
  • HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN: Although these gloves are designed for little hands, we didn’t sacrifice quality. Our golf gloves are made with soft genuine sheep leather that provides great comfort and excellent grip. This fabric is also breathable and resists abrasion and rubbing. Help your little one avoid blisters, dirt, and dust while they enjoy their time on the green
  • VENTILATED BACK: One problem that no golfer wants to face is having sweaty palms when they’re about to take their swing. Luckily, our lightweight gloves have lycra back that promotes ventilation while also offering comfort. With 3D pre-curved fingers, these gloves offer superior ergonomic fit and support
  • ADJUSTABLE KNIT WRIST: Your boy or girl doesn’t want their glove flying off when they swing their club. To keep the gloves secure, we have included an adjustable wrist strap made out of knitting fabric. This closure keeps the glove on without compromising wrist action. They will always want to have these gloves ready to go in their golf bag!

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