HOOWA Colored Distance Golf Balls


Be Awesome! HOOWA! Hoowa is an exclamation of an amazement. We have the moments of excitements in our lives, wordless, say HOOWA in that moments. When you play golf and you are good at it, say HOOWA! Golf isn’t just a sports hitting the ball further or competing each other. What do you learn in playing golf, what do you remember from the golf rounds you have played in your life? Golf is a performance that you try to be as perfect as possible as you can and get better, challenge your own limit. Isn’t the process itself a positive energy? Do you feel contentment and pure bliss when your ball flies straight on a field? Let’s say HOOWA in that moment. HOOWA Golf Balls will make great gift to yourself and your golf companions and share this feeling and moments of excitement. Remember the moments, show passion, and get better!

  • CORE for ADDED DISTANCE AND FORGIVENESS – Core of HOOWA Golf Balls is designed to maximize energy transfer from club head to ball giving explosive distance off. The core is formulated and processed by low processing temperature blending method.
  • SOFT INNER LAYER – Large diameter Soft Core and high elasticity Ionomer technology allow accuracy and ball distance at the same time.
  • SOFT & FLEXIBLE COVER – HOOWA Golf Ball uses SURLYN cover allowing soft and flexible feeling. SURLYN cover enables consistent ball flight and increases spin control in short games. Allows drop and stop performance.
  • AERODYNAMIC DESIGN – 320 dimple pattern and air resistance design increase lift and ball distance.
  • 4 COLORS with GIFT PACKAGE – Comes in 4 different colors and all stamped with alignment aside and HOOWA logo. Glossy White, Matte Yellow, Matte Red, and Matte Lime colors in great gift packaging with characters. Glossy White with Puma, Matte Yellow with Lion, Red with Gorilla, and Lime with Horse.

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