HIRZL Trust Hybrid – Men’s All Weather Golf Glove



Kangaroo Leather | Ultimate Grip and Ergonomic Fit (White/Black)

  • SUPERIOR GRIP AND CONTROL: Kangaroo leather patches tanned with the HIRZL GRIPPP Technology are ergonomically placed in the palm area of the hand resulting in 5x more grip in wet conditions and 3x more grip in dry conditions than comparable gloves
  • SWEAT-FREE: Sweat-free & water absorbing kangaroo leather patches on the palm increases grip with exposure to moisture and offers superior and natural grip in dry conditions. Breathable Airtech mesh insert provides additional comfort
  • ERGONOMIC FIT: The combination of high-performance synthetic leather, ergonomically placed kangaroo leather patches on the palm, highly breathable Airtech mesh inserts, and long cuff with integrated sweatband gives this gloves an ergonomic and comfortable fit
  • STRONGEST LEATHER: Naturally thin Kangaroo leather is, by weight, the strongest leather in the world, compared to other leathers with similar thickness resulting in versatile, light and durable
  • ORIENTATION AND SIZE: Please buy left hand if you WEAR the glove on the left hand. Please buy right hand if you WEAR the glove on the right hand. HIRZL golf gloves have true sizing.

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