Golf Putter Men Right Hand CNC Hitting Surface Design of Anti-Skid Slot


✔Function: This is a low center of gravity man’s right hand golf putter, CNC milling surface of small strip bump plus groove design hitting surface can bring soft and solid hitting touch, make the ball rolling faster, increase friction, making certain of the putter line is not offset. Reducing the energy wasted by the missed ball, improving the average ball speed, hitting the ball stably and have a sense of direction
✔Features and Design: This putter head adopts CNC, after 3 hours of repeated fine carving and pecking, the pattern texture is clear and consistent, and then through secondary plating, the gloss of the club head is more even, the aiming line of the center of the club head acupoint ensures a higher accuracy of hitting. The S-neck design is adopted to optimize the weight distribution, so that the toe can be raised to 50 degrees, which is suitable for all ball players with large arc push method
✔Packaging accessories: 3.0 lightweight PU grip greatly enhances the grip of the putter and makes the center of gravity lower. The grip uses PU and EVA to effectively reduce the shock of the putter. Feedback to the player is more comfortable. The putter is also equipped with a thick mirror PU bar sleeve, which can better protect the ball head from being hit
✔Specification and Weight: The 1020 # steel was used to golf club head and forge hair embryo. The weight of club head is 365 g, loft 3 degree and lie 71 degree. The length is 33/34/35 inch, which is suitable for most players. The club head is protected by thick PU club sleeve
✔High-quality service: The putter has undergone more than 100 working procedures and is made by fine workmanship. Every working procedure is strictly controlled. Many times the electroplating layer does not fall off and the PU grip does not dye. We will provide two-year quality service

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