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Mimic the Pros’ Swings with the FP4 Forward Press Wedge

The FP4 Forward Press Wedge has a technically-sound, hands-ahead impact position built right in to automatically position you for crisp, controlled pitch shots that stop on a dime. And the best part is, you can hit these stroke-saving beauties with a simple, arms-and-shoulders swing. Say goodbye to ugly miss-hits and hello to a consistently sharp short game.

With the FP4, you will:

  • Feel confident rather than fearful when setting up to every pitch
  • Make consistently crisp contact on shots between 15 and 80 yards
  • Hit controlled, quick-stopping lasers on difficult half and three-quarter shots
  • Relish the chance to play delicate pitch shots over bunkers and other trouble
  • Hit accurate chip shots – short to medium-length, good lies and bad
  • Enjoy playable shots, even when you miss the club’s center
  • Get up-and-down routinely instead of taking three, four or more strokes to hole out

Trackman Validated Results

In a trackman-validated test, nine golfers who’d never used an FP4 before and whose handicaps ranged from 8 to 22, were handed a Forward Press Wedge and given the chance to pit it against the wedge they normally use.

Here’s a quick sampling of their results. With the FP4:

  • These test golfers stuck 30% of their shots within 10 feet of the flag vs. just 15.5% with their own wedges
  • They they missed the green less than half as often as they did with their own clubs
  • Tester Dave Hanson (10 hdcp) put 60% of his FP4 shots within 10 feet
  • Tester Judy Cordell (14 hdcp) planted 50% within 10 feet using the FP4 after missing the green on 75% of tries with her standard wedge
  • Tester Stephen Russell (12 hdcp) found the green on 10 out of 10 shots (with three stopping inside 8 feet) with the FP4 after flying the green on more than half of his shots with his normal wedge

Built-In Forward Shaft Lean

As we’ve said, the correct setup position is literally built into the club. To make absolutely certain you get the right amount of forward lean, we placed a Forward Press indicator on the shaft label. As you look down at address, simply move your hands left until you can no longer see the red bar, only the blue one. Your left arm and the shaft should now form a straight line all the way down.

Pro-Strike Offset & Raised Heel Section

The Forward Press Wedge boasts a quarter-inch of offset between hosel and leading edge which keeps your hands ahead of the clubface for pure, repeatable contact. Even if you don’t lean the shaft toward the target – as we’re all taught to do – The FP4’s Pro-Strike Offset ensures your hands are ever so slightly ahead of the ball. Additionally, its raised heel frames the ball for easy alignment and a solid, square look at address. You’ll see more of the clubface behind the ball – increasing your confidence as you stand over your shot.

Generous Protection Against Digging & Fat Shots

The FP4 features an 18° bounce angle – That’s significantly more bounce than you’ll find on any big-name gap or sand wedge, which typically max out at 14°. More bounce at address means more bounce when you lean the shaft toward the target. And more bounce means more forgiveness when you hit behind the ball.

  • by entering your model number.
  • Built-in forward shaft lean automatically sets you up with the same hands-ahead-impact position as the pros
  • Added bounce along the sole, wide offset between hosel and leading edge, and extra-large hitting area make the FP4 extremely easy to hit and extra forgiving
  • Feel confident rather than fearful when setting up to every pitch shot; Make consistently crisp contact on shots between 15 and 80 yards; Hit controlled, quick-stopping lasers on those difficult half and three-quarter shots
  • Legal for tournament play
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty against defects

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