Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Men’s Speedback Iron Set


The KING® F9 ONE Length™ irons are engineered to simplify your game by reducing variability in your swing to increase confidence and consistency.

Speedback: A combination of a low, back weight feature and heel and toe tungsten creates the best combination of low CG and high MOI, delivering extreme power and stability.

One Length™ Configuration: Engineered using matching 7-iron length and swing weight specifications, a ONE Length configuration simplifies your game by reducing the variability in your swing for increased confidence and consistency.

Wider, Hybrid-Like Sole: Wider soles in the 4-6 irons lower the club’s center of gravity and add bounce, making it easier to get the ball airborne out of any lie and turf condition.

Progressive Shaft Weighting: 3 different KBS shaft weights (KBS Tour 80, 90 and Wedge) in the set promote the desired launch, feel and trajectory for the long irons, mid irons and wedges.

Forged E9 PWRSHELL™ Face Technology<: An E9™ variable thickness face design and PWRSHELL™ Technology expands the SWEET ZONE™ for higher launch and faster ball speeds across a larger area on the face.

  • High MOI Design -A higher MOI is achieved using a combined 33g of Tungsten in the heel and toe, increasing stability and inertia for the best combination of distance and forgiveness
  • Low CG Speed back Sole – Additional mass is added low and back, delivering a lower and deeper CG that increases ball speed and launch to maximize distance
  • Forged E9 PowerShell Face-An E9 variable thickness face design is 1.8mm at its thinnest point and expands the SWEET ZONE area on the face
  • Co-Molded Medallion- A 3-piece multi-material medallion in the 4-7 iron combines Aluminum, TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), and Acrylic Foam
  • CNC Milled Face and Grooves-Utilizing a precise manufacturing process typically found only in forged players irons

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